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The Village of Nissequogue Police Department

All calls for service in the Village, including fire and ambulance, should be made through the 911 systems.


The Nissequogue Police Department is a full service, professional community oriented police agency that provides Village residents with 24 hour a day, 7 days a week police protection. The safety and well being of Village residents is the primary mission of the Village Police Department. Vehicle and Traffic laws, particularly speeding and driving under the influence (D.U.I.), are vigorously enforced. Upon request, the Police Department will conduct patrol checks of residences where the owner is away for a period of time. Because there is no parking on Village roads or streets, residents who plan to entertain guests where parking may become an issue, are requested to contact the Police Department in advance to ensure a safe and enjoyable venue.

Nissequogue enjoys a relatively non-existent crime rate and to this end, the Police Department requests that any suspicious vehicles, persons, or circumstances be promptly reported. The Village of Nissequogue Police Department advises all residents to contact the Suffolk County 911 Operator to report any Village issues currently in progress. Examples of these issues are code violations, illegal parking or any suspicious activities. They further advise that residents must inform the 911 Operator that their call is a non- emergency issue and that it should be given to the Nissequogue Police Department. In order to effect a response from the Village of Nissequogue Police Department to deal with issues immediately, the 911 Operator must be notified. By activating the 911 System, the Village of Nissequogue Police can immediately address activities currently in progress.

If residents have any special needs such as medical, elderly, or the like, please notify the Police Department at the non-emergency number listed below.
Contact Information:
In case of emergency, Dial 911 and inform the operator that you reside in the Village of Nissequogue.
Mailing address: 633 Moriches Road, St. James, N.Y. 11780. (The Police Department is located behind the Village Hall)
Office phone for non-emergency calls only 631-584-5300