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Village of Nissequogue Building Inspector

Building Inspector

The Village Building Inspector is responsible for the issuance of Building Permits and Certificates of Occupancy for all structures, as defined in the Village Code. Included in the definition of a structure are accessory structures such as pools, patios, driveways, docks, retaining walls, fences, ponds, decks and tennis courts. Obtaining a Building Permit is the starting point for applications before many Village Boards and Commissions such as the Board of Appeals, the Planning Board, the Board of Architectural Review, and the Joint Village Coastal Management Commission. Building Permits are valid for a period of one year after which, if a Certificate of Occupancy has not been issued, the permit must be renewed.

In addition to a Building Permit, several other items may be necessary to produce prior to the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy such as surveys, Suffolk County Board of Health Certification, NYS Department of Environmental Conservation permit, Architects and /or Structural Engineers Certification and Village Engineer�s Certification on drainage and site work.

Residents are urged to discuss any planned construction, demolition, tree removal, improvement or structural change of any kind with the Building Inspector before commencing any work to insure that the resident will have a workable overview as to what will be required prior to the start of any such project.

Building Inspector: Gerard W. Harris
Deputy Building Inspector: Joseph Arico

Contact Information:
Address: Village Hall, 631 Moriches Road, St. James, NY 11780
Phone: 631-862-9494
Fax: 631-862-7401

ELECTED OFFICIALS - Trustee: James F. Donahue - Village Clerk
Village Court - Village Treasurer - Village Engineer - Superintendent of Highways
Building Inspector - Police Department - Fire Department

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